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Kishibe Rohan Bizarre Adventure

Of all the characters created by Araki, there is one in particular that has had great repercussion throughout its story. Since its first appearance in Diamond Is Unbreakable,he has become an iconic character of Araki, having not one but five own spin off! I refer not to another but Kishibe Rohan, the strange mangaka and Morioh resident.
Presented as a villain, with a strange stand practically unavoidable, Rohan begins to take center stage in the story of Josuke, being a secondary character that really stands out for being rude to the heroes of the story. It's not until the appearance of Reimi, where you can see his human (and romantic) side. His subsequent appearances are limited to their own stories (which include guest characters from JJBA manga) and a brief mention at the end of Stone Ocean.

It felt right to make a compilation of this material, as not all JJBA fans know about it and it really worth reading.
I will continue updating this post with links to the various chapters of the saga "Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan"

I just uploaded the files:

The link above contains all the other links. But i will give you the individual links and a short description.

1)Rohan au Louvre(Medium Quality- French with translation)

2)Rohan Kishibe goes to Gucci(Good Quality-English)

3)Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Village of Millionaires(Good Quality-French)

4)Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan(Good Quality-English)

5)Under Execution Under Jailbreak(Good Quality-English)

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